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Pleasant, healthy, flexible vocal tone and clear speech are the foundations of a good voice. Build strength, expressiveness and a connection to language on those foundations, and you have an excellent voice.

For a savvy speaker, the voice is a powerful conduit of expression and a tool of persuasion. A good voice singles you out from the crowd. It suggests that you are intelligent, interesting, important and likeable. People of all ages like to listen to nice voices.

Actors, broadcasters and public speakers (politicians, corporate managers, teachers and so on) have a special responsibility to use their voices well. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, Melissa Agnew can help you to sound your best.

Melissa's Voice Training Handbook for Australian Newscasters

Here's what journalists, news directors and journalism academics have to say about Melissa's new book, "Here is the [Australian] News": A Voice Training Handbook for the Australian Newscaster:

"'Here is the [Australian] News' is a must-have for newscasters who are dedicated to communicating completely to Australian audiences."

"I’ve never seen a better guide for working journalists."

"Written with all the passion and brilliance of an amazing teacher and mentor, 'Here is the [Australian] News' is invaluable to training and working newscasters across the country."

"I went from being a mumbling student to regularly reading the 6pm news for a major network, and I owe it to the lessons and exercises in 'Here is the [Australian] News'."

"Dr Melissa Agnew is a voice magician!"

"Here is the [Australian] News" is available for purchase on-line at

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