Feel confident with your voice

Private Lessons

Melissa tailors voice training according to the needs of each organisation or client. Lectures, conferences, workshops and ongoing personal voice training are all possible.

Melissa travels across Australia to dialogue-coach screen actors in feature films, to conduct voice-polish workshops for television newsrooms, to run voice-intensive weekend workshops for actors and to meticulously groom and nurture news presenters in the finer points of their delivery.

At her private studio in St Lucia, Brisbane, Melissa offers voice lessons to individual students. Each lesson typically includes some technical voice and speech exercises, followed by practical application to text, acting, newscasting or presentation.

Improvement is noticeable after just a few private lessons; longer-term training can achieve extraordinary results!


Melissa will help you with voice technique for stage and for screen acting.

For stage actors, Melissa will help you to:

  • develop or hone voice production technique;
  • develop firm, healthy projection skills;
  • develop clarity and muscularity of speech;
  • develop range;
  • work on reading and response to text (for sight reading at auditions, play-readings, etc);
  • cultivate aesthetic qualities of beauty in your voice;
  • make discoveries in the language and bolster performance through rigorous work with text, style and rhythm;
  • work on dialect;
  • and discover nuances of character.

For screen actors, Melissa will help you with audition preparation, performance and vocal maintenance in the areas of dialect (including General American) and vocal elasticity and beauty.

For voice-over performers, Melissa will coach you in dialect; elasticity and style;
and reading technique.

Melissa is one of the few Australian voice coaches with extensive experience in this specialised voice training. Melissa has trained and coached many dozens of successful television and radio newscasters and program presenters all over Australia.

For those broadcasters who are serious about their role as custodians of the Australian voice, Melissa will polish, hone and elevate vocal technique and manner of delivery to the next level of excellence.

Melissa has coached ABC journalists and presenters for over ten years across Queensland and the Northern Territory. She also works closely with commercial television and radio journalists, and with those from private media organisations.

Professional voice users
Melissa has helped politicians, high-ranking public servants and spokespeople, small business owners, corporate executives and teachers to become better-sounding speakers. Increasing clarity, confidence and focus make for a more compelling impact.

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